Local Business Article Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide

Article marketing is not hard to do once you get the hang of it, but I know that initially there is a bit of a learning curve as you are trying to get started. A local business owner who is doing article marketing has the added hurdle to jump in that writing articles for businesses based out of a geographic location is a bit different than writing articles for an online business or website. In this article, you will find a collection of 4 questions and answers that will help you do local business article marketing.

Question 1 – Isn’t it enough just to have a website?

Answer: If you want your business to be competitive and get the full benefit that online marketing has to offer, then it is not enough just to have a website. Merely having a website does not translate into more customers, any more than having a box of business cards in your desk translates into more customers. In order for the business cards or the website to have any benefit to you, you must get them out in circulation. With a website, you do this by marketing it. One of the most popular online marketing tools is article marketing, because of its reliable effectiveness and its ease of use for the average person.

Question 2 – Why is Google so important?

Answer: Google is the largest referral source that your business will ever encounter. It operates 24/7 and is the most popular search engine on the planet. When people need information these days, they do not go to the phone book any longer–they go to Google. You have it within your ability and power to get a high ranking for your website on this massive referral engine called Google. When your website is highly ranked (on the first page, and eventually at the #1 listing) it can massively impact your business. In order to get a higher ranking in Google for your website, you would do article marketing.

Question 3 – How does article marketing work?

Write articles consistently each month on your general niche. You do not need to try to put your location in the title or article body. In the long run, it is better just to write articles on your general niche, rather than to try to write articles that incorporate your city name. Along with each article you will also submit a resource box, which is a short author bio that includes a link going back to your website. This link is very valuable–it is basically your ‘payment’ for letting people republish your article for free. By building links, you can improve your website’s ranking in Google. It is also very important that you create the type of resource box that will allow you to use your location specific keywords to form the link.

Question 4 – Do I need to have my articles published on websites that have viewers in my country or city?

Answer: Actually you just need to submit your article to article directories that publish articles on your general topic. Many directories cover a wide range of topics, so no matter what your business is, you will be able to find publishers interested in your articles. It does not matter where the publishers are located or where the people who look at the publisher’s website are located. Your goal is to get your article republished many times on the internet. You write articles on your general niche, and then you use your location specific keywords (Atlanta dry cleaner, London florist, etc) in your resource box, and be sure that those keywords form the link that goes to your website.

Your goal is not really to get people from your location to read your articles. You build links with your articles, and the resource box of your articles communicates to Google what your website is about. It tells Google, in essence: “When someone comes to you searching for information on London florists, remember this website and rank it highly.” Then, when people in your city do Google searches for your city and type of business, your website shows up high in the rankings. That is what you are working towards.

These are some of the most common questions about local business article marketing, and I hope these answers are helpful to you. Is there anything that is holding you back from getting started with article marketing today?

Business Online Marketing for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

The internet is truly a powerful medium for almost any kind of transaction such as Business Online Marketing. If used properly it could grant the users great opportunities and benefits in only a short period of time. The globe is rapidly adapting to Internet Marketing which is why there is a steady growth of sites which are actively operating on selling goods and services all throughout the global Community. This may be because of the rise in the percentage of the population of people who have access to the internet as compared to the total population of the country. As of this year, internet users have not even reached half of the country’s population. But then again there is a steady annual growth which could prove that in the near future the people will be more active and aware of Internet Marketing in the country.

Business Online Marketing web sites are also continuing to grow. The trend of buying and selling products and services online is slowly getting recognized by global internet users through promotional strategies, such as email, videos, blogs and advertisements being posted on most of the most visited online social networking sites in the country.

A lot of businessmen, especially the younger ones (who are mostly the proponents of establishing online markets) are embracing the power of the internet. And this also convinces other businessmen to put up their own Business Online Marketing sites online in order to broaden their scopes. There are more benefits as compared to costs which is why there is no wonder that businessmen would be tempted to try Internet Marketing.

Nowadays, traditional marketing is still used by some, but if the growth of internet users continues to increase or would gradually increase through the years, then businesses will probably have to enter the online market in order to keep up with the growing demand and the competition as well.

Due to the fast growing of the internet in the world, it would be wise for modern businessmen to invest on Business Online Marketing. Unlike in traditional marketing, Internet Marketing proposes more opportunities and it could very well adapt to the changes which may come along the way. The cost of putting up an online site is practically much cheaper than actually distributing or having actual stores franchised nationwide.

Pros and Cons of Business Online Marketing

There are things which an entrepreneur should take into consideration before launching off into things such as Business Online Marketing. We all know that online marketing has lots to offer especially for those people who would like to put up their businesses the easy way without having to spend a large amount of money at all. All they have to do is set up an internet connection to their computers and business will come pouring in as they patiently wait in their seats.

We are always aware of the advantages of Business Online Marketing, but it is also important to know the disadvantages which it would imply on you as the entrepreneur so that you would be aware if you would be willing to take the risk and if you would be able to handle the impending pressure once you have started business online.

Here are some of the disadvantages on can get from Business Online Marketing; transacting business online may mean that all the Internet Marketer or seller has to face is his computer. This could leave him feeling isolated from the rest of the people in the world. The world wide web is faceless in most cases and it may appear cold and inhuman. Unlike in selling in shops and establishments, where one can get to interact first hand with the customers and socialize, selling online deprives the seller from actually interacting with actual people.

Next is the honesty of the Internet Marketer or sellers. There have been circumstances wherein sellers online lie to their customers. As a result some customers lose a level of trust with online sellers. It can be hard to tell if people are lying when one is only communicating with them through computers. Additionally there is also the online traffic competition where not only hundreds but thousands of sites compete every minute of the day to walk a step up from their current ranking. Wherein one has to compete with other websites online that sells or gives the same products and services as the Internet Marketer or seller’s site.

Another disadvantage of Business Online Marketing is the application costs where the money which you use to apply online and to buy your very own web site domain name. You would not get anywhere unless you have your very own web site to sell your services and products with. Other Internet Marketers or sellers make use of existing sites, for example they partner with the existing sites so that they would be able to open up a site in their own country, but still working under the existing sites name.